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What to expect when you go to a Wedding in the UK from Australia

Rosie Hegarty

Even though we speak the same language, there are definitely cultural differences and traditions that are not the same in Australia and the UK. One of the best ways to see those differences is at a Wedding. I've personally been to both and here’s a rundown of what you need to know before travelling to a Wedding in the UK.

wedding fascinators

UK Wedding Hot Tips

  1. Everyone in the UK gets really dressed up and ladies generally wear a hat or fascinator. There’s a sea of hats and fascinators at Royal Weddings and this trend has translated to the humble UK wedding too.
  2. Ladies generally like to remove their headwear at the reception. If you are travelling to the UK for a wedding, you might like to consider a small fascinator rather than a hat to avoid hat hair. A fascinator will travel better and will be less cumbersome if stored correctly. For more tips on travelling by plane with a fascinator click here.
  3. UK Weddings follow a tradition called “ The Afters.” Close friends and family are invited to the Ceremony and Reception. After the meal a second round of guests come along to “The Afters.”
  4. It’s not unusual to pay for your own drinks at a UK Wedding. So be prepared with some cash. Typically there will be some bottles of wine on the table but as soon as those have been consumed, you’ll be expected to buy your own. And “The Afters” crowd buy their own drinks.
  5. Hens like to hold a Kitchen Party prior to the main day. The Hens night is separate to this event. It’s another excuse to drink and be merry with the wedding guests and bride before her main day.
  6. UK laws are slightly different when it comes to holding a civil service. In Australia you can pretty much get married anywhere but in the UK typically you’re only allowed to get married under a roof and the location needs to be licenced to holding weddings.
  7. There’s a lot more flexibility with choosing a celebrant in Australia and with words that are used in the ceremony. In the UK, you’ll be expected to follow more stringent rules.

So dress to impress with a hat or fascinator, make sure you have cash and the rest will feel familiar. 

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