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Top tips for taking your kids to the races

Rosie Hegarty

We went to Bunbury Cup this year with our kids in tow. They complied to getting dressed up in their fancy pants and hats but there was bribery to get them there with happy faces.

Bunbury Cup Kids at the Races

Photo: Day out at Bunbury Cup.

Our girlfriend Janeen was entering Fashions on the Field for Bunbury Cup. We did a Facebook Live to interview her. Watch closely as this is the reason why not to bring your kids to the races!


There’s definitely a few tricks that you’ll need up your sleeve to keep the kiddies entertained at the races.

Mum and Daughter at Royal Ascot Races

These are our top takeaways.

  1. Pack a backpack with snacks and drinks. The last thing you want is to wait in a queue for hours when they’re “starving.”
  2. Scope the food vans first thing, find one that sells food that your kids love and bribe them for good behaviour to get that food later in the day. We found an ice cream van and ice cream wasn’t given until mid-afternoon as a reward.
  3. Take them to fashions on the field and get them involved in who they think will place.
  4. Take them to see some horse races and get them involved in placing a bet. Read the form guide, choose a horse, place a bet on their behalf so they’ll be really excited when the horses race.
  5. Take the kids to the stables to see the horses if allowed.
  6. Let them use your phone to take photos.
  7. Look out for kid’s entertainment as some turf clubs do have special activities for kids. We found a giant wooden block game that kept them occupied for a bit.
  8. Play games like spot the red fascinator, who’s wearing the funniest outfit, who’s wearing the best hat to keep them involved and occupied.

Spring Racing Carnival Taking Kids to the Races

The main thing is to be flexible and to expect that your kids will get bored. Keep the activities flowing, the snacks and food in abundance and most of all have fun.

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