Secrets on how to match hair colour to millinery, headbands and headpieces

Most women don’t really consider their hair colour when choosing their fascinator. A good milliner will factor hair colour when designing a bespoke piece. But for most who purchase ladies hats and fascinators online or in-store, we probably are focused more on matching our outfit to our hat and completely forget about hair colour. I know I’ve definitely done it!

So here’s a guide:

Rule 1- do not put the same fascinator base and hair colour against your head.

Black Silk Turban Fascinator Matching Hair Colour

Photo: When hair colour and fascinator colour are similar, the headpiece gets lost.

  • We call these “key colours to avoid.” For example, a large black fascinator hat with black hair, a small white fascinator with blonde hair, a beautiful red fascinator with red hair, a racing grey fascinator with grey hair.
  • Consider the colour wheel when matching to hair colour. Colours that sit closely on the wheel to the “key colours to avoid” for hair colour will also apply. For example, yellow against blonde hair is a colour to avoid.

Colour Wheel

  • Include “key colours to avoid” as coloured notes in your millinery with embellishments such as silk, flowers, feathers and sinamay but opt for a different colour base to your hair colour to really make a statement headpiece.


Red and Black Bow ladies fascinator Pinjarra Ladies Day

  • For example, brunettes could have a blush coloured fascinator base with black notes. Blondes a navy and gold base with white embellishments and Redheads with a dark green base and red highlights.

Rule 2- your headband that sits under your millinery can be the same colour as your hair to blend in. It’s the actual base/hat itself that sits against your head that looks better if it is not the same colour as your hair.

Rule 3- colours that suit hair colour are:

  • Redhead- try earthy tones such as brown, dark green, olive green, beige, camel, white or cream. For a striking contrast, dusky pink or soft pink notes can also look beautiful.

Black and White Pillbox Mandurah Western Australia

  • Blondes- warm or pastel colours. Spring colours work well such as rose, hot pink, green apple, teal, fuschia, coral and pale blue. Neutral colours can also really compliment Blondes such as navy and silver, navy and white, navy and red, navy and beige, magenta, black and beige, royal blue, black and white or taupe ladies headwear.

Yellow and Purple Boater Vintage Bunbury Ladies Day Races

  • Brunettes- try bright and rich colours such as orange, grey, blush, white, silver, gold, turquoise, grey and pale pink, purple, dusky pink, light blue, mint, blue and pink and emerald green fascinators.

Pink Silk Turban Headband Geraldton Ladies Day

  • Greys- similar to blondes. Greens, navy, black, red, fuschia, pale blue, magenta, coral, purple, royal blue, peacock, electric blue, black, navy and pink, black and pink, black feather, black and yellow, lime green, taupe, teal, hot pink, navy and cream fascinators.

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