Mother's of the Bride can wear headwear too

When we think about weddings, the first thing that generally springs to mind is the bride. But there is someone who typically sits behind the bride, supporting and guiding her throughout her wedding day journey and it’s the Bride’s mum aka Mother of the Bride.

Mothers of the Bride may get their say on Aunt Agatha sitting with third cousin Bob or some input on the guest list but generally, she’s there to help support the Bride for her big day. 

Hopefully, she’ll choose an outfit that compliments rather than clashes on the special wedding day and if you’re lucky it might even compliment the groom’s mother’s outfit.

We absolutely loved seeing the Queen in her Lime and Purple dress and hat complimenting Doria Ragland’s Lime green outfit and pillbox at Harry and Megan’s wedding in May this year. As we saw from the Royals the mother of the bride can complete her outfit with a small pillbox or fascinator for a simple yet elegant statement or opt for a hat in sinamay for a regal look as we saw the Queen wear.

Queen Royal Wedding Megan and Harry

Photo Credit: Alexi Lubomirski, Kensington Palace via AP

Most Mothers of the Bride don’t want to outshine their daughters so when they choose their headwear they generally choose something understated that doesn’t shout, “look at me!” So choosing small pieces in complementary colours is the safest option when choosing Mother of the Bride fascinators and millinery.

When opting for a hat or fascinator, typically Mother's of the Bride want to remove their headwear before sitting down for the meal at the reception. The safest option is to choose a fascinator as it doesn't leave flat hair like a hat can. It's really easy to quickly fix your hair when you take off your fascinator or small pillbox. The safest choice for Mothers of the Bride is a fascinator or small headpiece like a pillbox. Keep the hat for another day like the races. 


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