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Is a Fascinator Worn on the Left or Right?

Victoria Gardiner

Almost a daily question I hear.  Which side of the head should I wear my fascinator?  Left or Right and why?

wear fascinator to left or right

Well, it is part tradition, part practicality. Historically a woman always stood to the right of a man as his sword was always carried on the left, how gallant, I hear you say.  In order for her face to be visible, she would tilt her hat to the right ensuring her beau or husband could see her beautiful face and engage in polite conversation easily.  Thankfully men do not carry swords any longer and conversation is mostly a little less awkward after a few glasses of Champagne at The Races. Cheers to creating new traditions of hat and fascinator wearing!

Many of our fascinator designs can be worn on the left or the right, it's really up to you. We put a label on the inside to help.  As long as you feel amazing and comfortable, no one is really going to comment unless of course, you are Princess Beatrice or the Duchess of Cambridge!


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