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How to match ladies fascinators to face shapes

How to match ladies fascinators to face shapes

Ladies, some of us are lucky and can pretty much wear any shape or size of fascinators, ladies hats or headbands. But for those of us who can’t, here’s a guide to best match face shape to millinery particularly when you are shopping for fascinators online.

Round face

Include asymmetrical shapes. Try wearing your fascinator on an angle. Go for styles where the ornamentation is wider than the brim of your fascinator crown. Larger styles will look great on you.

Avoid small fascinators.

Square face

Include feathers or veiling, abstract shapes, angles, layers and height. Worn best on the side of the head.

Oval face

Wear pretty much any style. Wide brims at an angle look great.

Narrow face

Include a wider hat that angles across your brow or temple.

Avoid height as it might make your face look longer.

Angular face

Include veiling, ornamentation and feathers.

Avoid angular, square or sharp detailing.

Full/wide faces

Include: pillbox hats and wear to the back of your head.

Heart Shape

Wear pretty much any style. Larger styles look great on you.

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