How to keep your hats and fascinators safe when travelling by plane

Rosie Hegarty

When you follow these 2 simple steps, travelling by plane with your hat or fascinator will be easy.

It can be challenging to travel with headwear by plane. But it doesn’t have to be if you follow these simple steps.

1.Store your fascinator correctly for travel. Here’s how.

Use tissue paper, bubble wrap, a hat box with a lid ( for example Headonista's keep safe box) and a hard suitcase to store it all in.  Pack your fascinator with tissue paper under and around and fit snuggly into its hat box. Arrange your hat box into your hard suitcase. Squash bubble wrap and tissue around your hat box, making it snug and secure for travel.

travelling with fascinator by plane

2. When you only have a cardboard hat box, do not check your fascinator into hand luggage

We’ve heard stories of girls being asked to throw their hat boxes away at check in so just be aware that the same might happen to you. When your fascinator box is small enough fit into a hard case that has carry-on luggage dimensions then it will be safe to check in as hand luggage. To see Virgin Australia's hand luggage dimensions click here.

For anyone fortunate to be living in Sydney, Virgin Australia offers a Hat Valet service which means that your hat gets the same great treatment as its passengers!

Take the hassles and stress out of travelling with your show-stopping and gorgeous hat and fascinator by investing in a hard roller case. We love the range from Antler and hope you will too. Happy travelling!

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