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How to avoid a tragic wedgie and muffin top

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Emma Mulvay from Intimo who is a specialist bra fitting guru. She had a lot to say on the topic of undergarments and was able to give me some great advice on how to avoid a wedgie and also prevent a muffin top!! So I've shared her secrets below to help you choose the best bra and undies next time you're wearing something special ladies.

What’s the biggest mistake girls make when choosing a bra that hasn’t been fitted?

The biggest mistake I see is that girls forget to check that the band and cup sizes are fitting correctly. Quite often girls choose bras that are too tight on the band and there are gaps between the cup and the breast.

What’s the benefit of choosing a proper bra?

It’s amazing what a correctly fitted bra can do! Not only does it aid you to “feel good” but your self confidence, posture and breast health care are all key reasons too.

How do you avoid a wedgie?

Avoid a tragic wedgie by choosing underwear that’s not too small or too large in size.

What underwear is best when wearing a special dress?

Shapewear is fantastic and best to wear under those special dresses and outfits. Our allure midriff briefs are best sellers and will not roll down.

How can we eliminate bra straps showing?

Look at a strapless option. Our intimo strapless is incredible. Also make sure your top/singlet is wider to cover the bra straps.

What’s the best bra to wear when you have a strapless dress?

Intimo strapless hands down.

Can we get rid of a muffin top with underwear?

Absolutely! Shapewear pieces will assist to give smooth lines all over.

What are the different underwear choices from Intimo?

We have a fantastic underwear range.  There’s a style for every woman. Visit our website with sizing from 8-24.

Why would we choose nanna undies over skimpy g strings?

It’s all about the smooth lines. Fuller briefs provide this effortlessly.


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