Hot tips for entering Fashions On The Field

I’ve watched a couple of girlfriends enter fashions on the field now and I have to say, the whole experience is so much fun. It takes a lot of planning and organisation to enter a comp but the reward for placing is definitely worth the effort.

So what’s involved to be a worthy fashions on the field entrant?

Photo: Bunbury Cup Fashions on the Field 2018

There’s definitely some common themes that I’ve noticed from the sidelines so here goes with my top tips:

Hats and Fascinators. Making sure that your headwear is a statement definitely seems to be part of the journey. There are so many options with headwear. You can buy a headpiece outright or you can opt to rent one for the day. For more tips on buying a fascinator v hiring a fascinator click here. At the end of the day, you’ve got to feel comfortable and amazing wearing your headwear and it’s important that it ties in with your whole outfit so opt for a piece that you love and that makes you feel incredible.

Pinjarra Races outfit Mandurah

Photo: Pinjarra Fashions on the Field outfit 2018

Weather suitability. Judges do seem to consider the season appropriateness of an outfit when making a decision. When it’s summer/spring, strappy heels are appropriate and lighter dress fabrics such as cotton and silk. Headwear is generally in lighter fabrics such as sinamay. When it’s winter/autumn opt for closed in shoes and heavier dress materials such as wool with headwear in faux leather or felt.

Dress length. As you’re entering a race wear competition, below the knee dresses/skirts are the safest option. If you’d be happy wearing your outfit to a nightclub on a Saturday night then it’s probably not going to be your best choice for the races. Race wear has its own style that’s often different to current fashion. Plus if you’re lucky enough to win the big prize and get to the Royal Enclosure at Ascot in the UK they have really strict dress codes so you’ll need to plan your outfit appropriately. You can check out the Royal Ascot dress codes here.

Hair- if you’ve just dyed your hair purple and blue, then you might want to consider changing it back to classic hair colours. Racing Fashions on the Field competitions are quite conservative so hair colour is generally the more “natural” colours of blonde, brunette, auburn, grey and black.

Hairstyle- a lot of girls do get their hair done professionally for the day. Hairdressers can incorporate your hair into the headpiece which also helps keep it securely on your head. As you’ll often be spending quite a bit of time outside during the Fashions on the field event, if the day is going to be wet or windy you may want to consider wearing your hair in an upstyle.

Makeup- again a lot of girls do get their makeup done professionally for long lasting wear. More often than not the makeup is elegant and classic so keep your sparkly glitter green eyeshadow for another day.

Apply to enter the competition online beforehand. Check out the turf club’s website as each race club is different. Sometimes you can enter online before the day and other times you need to enter on the day itself.

Pinjarra Races Mandurah Western Australia Fashion on the Fields

Photo: Mel Bircher wearing her top 10 Fashions on the Field outfit for Pinjarra Races in 2018

Walking down the runway- girls who look confident, can walk easily, look happy to be there and at ease seem to make a great impression.


    Putting your outfit together.

    The main thing is confidence. When you put on your dress it’s got to feel comfortable and it’s got to make you feel amazing. You can find inspiration on colours and trends through research or your inspiration might come from a dress, a pair of shoes, clutch or fascinator.

     Janeen’s story

    Janeen came the second runner up and first place for people’s choice this year at Pinjarra Races.


    Photo: A millinery fitting for Janeen's boater for Fashions on the Field at Bunbury Cup

    Janeen chose her dress first which was in a gorgeous baby blue lace. She then found her shoes which were flower detailed strappy heels. She knew that she wanted to wear gloves so bought some baby blue leather ones and added her own lace which she died in tea to get the right colour to team with her shoes.

     Photo: Blue Boater Hat 

    We gave Janeen the colour wheel to look at when deciding her millinery colours.

    Colour wheel


    Initially we suggested complementary colours and were nearly going to add orange to the blue but Janeen wanted to keep the colours more monochromatic  so opted for navy, blues and white with a hint of gold.


    Photo: Baby Blue Leather Gloves

    Janeen met us with her dress and shoes when finalising the design of her headpiece. She opted for a navy boater hat that sat to the side with flower detail underneath and intricate flowers that matched her shoes on top of the hat. The design inspiration came from her shoes and the colour scheme from her dress.


    Photo: Flower inspiration 

    A baby blue handbag and gold earrings finished the outfit and as it was raining, a navy frilled umbrella completed her look. Being a hairdresser she had some great ideas for hair styles and had her hair, makeup, and fake tan done professionally.


    One of the biggest parts of Fashions on the Field is having fun. It’s a wonderful opportunity to plan your outfit, get dressed up and pampered with a chance to win some prizes. But even if you don’t win it’s still a fabulous day out and an excellent reason to get dressed up.


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