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DIY makeup tips and tricks

Rosie Hegarty

When we have a special occasion, having our makeup done professionally can make us feel so glamorous. But we don't always have the budget or time to have our makeup done professionally. When we need to DIY our makeup, I've asked the team from Sachi Hair and Beauty for their top tips. Here's what they had to say.

What tips do you suggest for makeup to last all day?

To help make your makeup last all day, apply a thicker layer of foundation to your face and use a setting spray.

Makeup tips for long lasting makeup


How can I make my eyes look bigger?

Lashes are a must! So you can either get magnetic lashes, threaded lashes or false lashes applied.

What can I do to make my lips look fuller?

You can slightly over line your top lip.

What eyeshadow colours are in right now?

We love brown and orange.

Do you have any tips on long-lasting mascara?

Layering. So layer mascara and your lashes.

What makeup brands do you recommend?

Napoleon Perdis has a gorgeous range of colours and quality makeup.

What’s your #1 hot tip for makeup?

Always use a primer underneath your foundation.

Is there a rule for colours that you use on eyes and lips?

If you have bold eyes, use soft lips. And bold lips, soft eyes.

What’s your recommendation for racewear makeup?

Full coverage and lashes.


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